Document to Data ConvertionWe continue to provide a comprehensive document scanning service to both public and private sector firms, locally and abroad. Scanning services vary in scale, operational and technical complexity as per client requirements. Our ongoing goal is to combine specialisation benefits with service excellence thereby allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies.

Services typically include document collection, preparation, digital scanning, indexing (manual & automated), quality control, data publishing (to Disc or Web), storage optimisation, management reporting and final delivery to client (physical or web). We also provide related image processing services including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Image Enhancement (for hard to scan paper documents) and we offer a wide range of custom data exports and formats including PDF, OCR PDF, Tiff etc. Hardcopy scanned documents can then be stored, shredded or returned to the customer.

We leverages a wide base of best of breed technology to deliver true flexibility to its clients.  We also provide clients access to a comprehensive electronic search and retrieval system (IDAR) which allows them quick and easy access to the data created at no additional cost. We further endeavour to assist clients in leveraging the full extent of our electronic archival services and accordingly provide training and maintenance where required (again often at no additional cost). After 30+ years of document processing (since 1980) there are few document types, record management or scanning systems and requirements we have not been exposed to. Make our experience and skills work for you, contact us today to discuss your scanning potential or requirements. True document management is only a telephone call away.


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